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The Project Management team offers a flexible service based on a robust and industry-leading formula for delivery. Working closely with our clients, we adopt a value-driven approach to denying and articulating business and briefing objectives, enabling us to identify the most effective means to deliver the project. We provide a full suite of project management services through feasibility, procurement, design, construction delivery, and into operations.

As industry professionals, we represent the Client to set processes and KPI’s, monitor performance, and manage delivery of their projects throughout pre and post-contract stages of work.

We consider the client’s project options and business objectives in preparation of the executive programme and overriding project plan. We have the experience to implement and deliver strategies that manage risk, time and cost

Management of risk is central to all that we do, and a key determinant in the overriding project and commercial management strategies that we set in place upon our engagement

Our construction team utilise state-of-the-art collaborative defect-reporting and rectification techniques to optimise construction quality.


There are some important factors in the successful completion of a project and commercial management service is a very crucial part. Time, budget and quality are the cornerstones in a successful project. All these are greatly impacted by the commercial management.  Cutting the lead times on delivery, receiving the delivery of the materials on site on-time has a major impact on the smooth execution of the project and our services ensures it. We also helps our client in procuring the materials inside the budget and if possible, help in completion of the project under the contractual time and budget through our service.

Establishing the budget at inception is the first critical stage of the project – getting an optimal return on investment is the ultimate objective! With our extensive experience and cost library we are able to produce accurate budgets with appropriate levels of contingency. 

We engage with stakeholders throughout the design process to accurately manage and monitor the development budget. As part of this process we maintain ongoing risk analysis, accurate cost planning and true-value engineering – safeguarding the budget without diluting design intent. 

We appreciate the importance of managing our client’s costs, and in providing a level of service that instills and maintains confidence. Our team of chartered surveying professionals ensure that your costs are managed in line with best industry practice, and in accordance with recognised international standards and ethics. 

We offer a varied and flexible selection of services to add value to any project – illustrated by this cost-management process diagram. These can be offered collectively or individually to suit individual client requirements, and align with specific project objectives. 


Our design management strategies are focused to align with the principles and priorities of the client, ensuring design solutions achieve the key objectives. We promote a holistic approach to design and project delivery, actively engaging in the design process to optimise functionality, efficiency, buildability, and quality, whilst safeguarding cost and time objectives through the procedural review of deliverable-content. With the rigorous application of our meticulous design review and monitoring protocols we ensure that stakeholder requirements are recorded, prioritised, and actioned at every stage in the design process.

We advocate the integragtion of the latest developing BIM technologies into the design and delivery processes. This allows projects to be virtually constructed and interogated before being constructed physically, promoting a ‘right first time’ approach that eliminates many inefficiencies and problems that arise at site.

We manage, interrogate, and audit implementation throughout the design process, facilitating a fully collaborative and coordinated,live, and cloud-based, working environment. Customised model simulations inform active clash detection & resolution reviews, and expedite the production.

Grow Avenue’s award-winning team of design experts provide specialist technical and engineering support to the consultant team throughout all design and implementation stages of a project. We monitor code compliance and optimise build qualty through implementation of robust construction methodology and routine buildability reviews.

Genuine value management is at the heart of our core design services – our experienced team analyse and interrogate projects through all stages to attain the best possible outcomes in relation to time, cost and quality. We provide design & peer reviews to enhance, streamline operational functionality and optimising efficiencies


We experienced construction management team understand what it takes to ensure the successful delivery of a project. We use our expertise and knowledge of the entire project life-cycle to develop and implement sound strategies. Our internal business management tools have received the prestigious seal of approval from the CIOB, with the Chartered Institute of Building granting us Chartered Consultancy status. These strategies are translated into clearly defined project controls which applies to monitor contractor performance, with strictly reporting, KPI’s, and critical path analysis.

Safety is of paramount importance to Aspect and is at the top of this page for a reason. We cultivate a safety-first policy through the entire supply chain for the full project duration.

We maintain the use of BIM technologies beyond the design production stage, extending the benefits into cost-management, programming, and on-site delivery. Model-based cost estimating can significantly reduce time in the quantification process and add a higher degree of accuracy.

We are able to support clients, operators, and end users in achieving a ‘soft landing’ and smooth introduction to the occupation and operation of the asset. In collaboration with our international supply-chain network, we can assist with scheduling and procurement of all fixtures and equipment, including all specialist areas.

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